“Fantastic. Life changing. I wish I had done it earlier.”
J. Spink, London

On our swimming lessons:Having grown up in the fifties when pools were outdoor (ice anyone?) and had no separate learners pool, I avoided the water so well that later when pools were more civilised, my anxiety around them never went away. Fast-forward about sixty years and an amazing swimming teacher called Sarah is in the process of turning me into a mermaid! I find it hard to believe, but with such an understanding and professional teacher the process is so much more fun than I ever imagined. I would say to anyone with anxiety around water, go and book your lessons today.  
Larraine Holcroft

“Such a peaceful, calm place to be. Skilled, kind, thoughtful staff, a large selection of good value treatments, in a soothing environment. Such a varied choice of excellent food for all dietary requirements, heavenly! Interesting in-house speakers in the evening. The surrounding heathland countryside was great for the daily walk, and the gardens of Grayshott are interesting for gardeners. We shared a special experience, some lovely memories, and we came away rested, relaxed and thank you all for a lovely time.”

“Delightful caring practitioners and staff. I can’t wait to come again.”
Carole, Somerset

“I feel healthier, refreshed and more knowledgeable. An experience well worth taking.”
C. Green

“A wonderful programme. Amazing.”
J. Coral

“A great all round success. Very valuable and instructive.”
Elaine, Middx

“It really was life changing. After 7 days of adjustments to my diet and routine, not only did I feel better but I also managed to quit smoking too!”
F. Sanderson

“I no longer feel completely exhausted and I am returning to living a life, instead of merely existing. My energy levels have improved every day since leaving. I’m extremely happy with the Grayshott result”.
Sarah James

“I can guarantee you will emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of your pre-Grayshott days, with clear skin, looking and feeling 100% better (and slimmer) with a dietary plan that you can use for the rest of your life, and all this within an hour of London. Ten out of ten to Grayshott for this brilliant programme!”
Carinthia West

“I arrived at Grayshott feeling sceptical about what the regime could achieve but I left feeling refreshed, educated and much, much healthier. This is all achieved in a loving environment with impeccable cuisine. Being a doctor I didn’t realize there was so much more to learn about nutrition and spa therapies”.
Dr Joy

“ I feel the best I have felt in ten years. My energy levels have soared but most importantly, I am taking home a very workable and sensible approach to eating and cooking that I believe will improve not just my health but that of the whole family”.
Ali Boylan, mother of four

“It completely changed my view of what is healthy and what isn’t, and has made me realise how silly and damaging fad diets are. It’s very liberating to discover that it’s actually good for you to eat whole eggs, for instance, rather than just the whites. I’ve lost weight and hardly ever get bloated any more”.
Christabel, London

“My 18-year-old daughter and I did the Grayshott regime together and it is no exaggeration to say it’s transformed her life. She used to get agonising bloating on an almost daily basis, and with her diet tweaked -no wheat, lots of protein – the bloating has almost completely stopped”.
Patricia, London

“What an eye-opener! You learn to stop eating wheat and start eating full-fat everything. The result: you lose weight, don’t get bloated, and feel unbelievably well. It’s quite amazing.”
Briony, London

“Basically, the programme teaches you what rubbish the food industry sells. But it’s all very simple. You start eating the way your grand-parents ate. Meat, vegetables, butter – just good, uncomplicated, real food. And the weight just drops off!”
Marie, London

“Painlessly, you learn to curb your carb addiction – to stop eating sweets and wheat, as well as anything labelled low-fat – and to start eat eating protein at every meal, lots of vegetables, and full-fat everything. The result: you lose weight, don’t get bloated, and feel immensely well. I love it. “
Adriaane Pielou

“It’s not a diet, although you do lose weight.
It’s not a cure although you will feel better.
It’s not a quick fix, although the benefits start immediately.
It’s not re-hashing old information but imparting new ideas.
What this programme is, is rather hard to encapsulate in a word. My best description is :
a complete re-education of one’s digestive system. Training you & your gut for a better life.”
Grayshott Guest

“We have had a blessed few days and shall always remember Grayshott with huge warmth.”
Grayshott Guest

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