Treatments & Therapies

Grayshott has an award-winning reputation for the quality of the spa treatments and therapies, and the professionalism of the therapists

An extensive range of treatments and therapies are offered for guests to select from, including Massages, Facials, Body Envelopments and Natural Therapies.

In addition specialist services include Nutritional Evaluation, Physiotherapy, Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP. Treatments are grouped by cost: Band A: £40, Band B: £60, Band C: £75, Band D: £95 & Band E: £105. These require pre-booking in advance of stays.

BAND A £40

Aroma Face Massage

Indian Head Massage

Paraffin Hand or Foot Envelopment

Dry Flotation 25

Grayshott Classic Body Scrub

Hand & Foot Nail Paint

Mens Manicure

Mens Pedicure

Body Composition Analysis

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

BAND B £60


Aromatherapy Back Massage

Abdominal Massage

Glow on the Go Facial

Dry Flotation 40

Bliss Bath

Oatmeal Bath

Detox Salt Bath

Grayshott Manicure

Grayshott Pedicure

GEL Manicure

GEL Pedicure

Oriental Head & Face Therapy

Acupuncture (follow up)

Band C £75

Grayshott Signature Treatment

Grayshott Classic Massage

Reviving Glow Massage

Peace of Mind Body Envelopment

Detoxifying Envelopment

Hopi Ear Candling

Blood Analysis

Be Nurtured Massage

Be Nurtured Scalp Massage

Be Nurtured Hand & Foot Indulgence

Personalised Profacial

Optimal Skin Health Facial

BAND D £95


Lymphatic Stimulation

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

De-Stress Massage

Holistic Therapy

Acupuncture (initial)


Cranial Osteopathy

Alexander Technique

Be Nurtured Body Envelopment

Supreme Anti-Ageing Facial

Ultimate Radiance Facial

Be Nurtured Facial

Nutritional Evaluation

Thai Foot Therapy

Physiotherapy (follow up)

BAND E £105

Hot Stone Therapy


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Be Nurtured Energy Balancing Treatment

Be Nurtured Back, Face & Scalp Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Physiotherapy (initial)

Natural Therapies

Holistic Therapy (D)

A relaxing treatment which releases negative emotions, ideal for anyone who has suffered a bereavement, stress related event or health challenge.

Oriental Wisdom (D)

A full body treatment combining elements of Tui-na massage and Shiatsu to harmonise energy and destress.

Hot Stone Therapy (E)

A relaxing treatment during which body and face are massaged with hot stones and oils. A totally unique experience.

Reiki (D)*

A healing treatment, to clear energy blockages and induce a deep state of relaxation.

Oriental Head & Face Therapy (C)

A re-balancing and healing treatment using Tui-na massage and acupressure techniques.

Grayshott Signature Treatment (C)

A unique Grayshott full body treatment designed to target areas of fatigue and premature ageing.

Hopi Ear Candling (C)

An ancient treatment using beeswax candles to relieve pressure in the head and ears. Includes a face and scalp massage.

Be Nurtured Energy Balancing (E)*

A relaxing treatment to re-balance the body, hydrate the skin and calm the mind.

Be Nurtured Back, Face & Scalp (E)*

A hero and indulgent treatment addressing the main areas of tension – back, face and scalp.

Physiotherapy – Full Body (D & E)

A comprehensive assessment followed by an individual plan of treatment.

Lymphatic Stimulation (D)

A full body treatment combining skin brushing and Aromatherapy oils to refresh the whole system.

Reflexology (B)

A relaxing, specialised massage technique to stimulate the body’s self-healing properties.

Acupuncture (B) (D)

Fine needles are placed in designated points to correct any imbalances and restore equilibrium. Initial Consultation and treatment (D) 45 mins. Follow up treatment (B) 30 mins.


Gentle manipulation of the cranium releases tension patterns and is used to treat many conditions.

*Suitable for Pregnancy in 2nd and 3rd trimester *Suitable post Cancer treatment

Massage Therapies

Aroma Face Massage (A)

A relaxing massage designed to ease tension in the face and scalp and reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Aromatherapy Massage (B & D)

A nurturing, aromatic massage treatment using essential oils with healing properties.

Grayshott Classic Massage (B & C)*

A prescriptive Swedish Massage, designed to increase circulation and induce relaxation.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (A)

Tailored to address any areas of concern, using a body oil to suit your needs.

Abdominal Massage (B)

Specialised massage to help relieve many stress related bowel, lower back and emotional problems.

Indian Head & Scalp Massage (A)

A vigorous treatment designed to increase circulation to the head and scalp and help alleviate tension.

Deep Tissue Massage (E)

A stronger massage, with deeper muscles treated, to give a profound sense of relaxation.

Sports Massage Therapy (E)

For those looking for preventative solutions, aiding recovery and alleviating everyday aches and pains.

Traditional Thai Massage (E)

A powerful treatment to relieve muscular tension, improve circulation, increase flexibility and re-balance the body.

Be Nurtured Massage (C)*

Designed to soothe, relax and re-balance the body, using a gentle but rich oil to deeply nourish and hydrate.

Be Nurtured Scalp Massage (C)*

A relaxing treatment designed to melt away stress and tension using nourishing products to achieve relaxation and total bliss.

Be Nurtured Hand & Foot Indulgence (C)*

A hand and foot massage using oils to nurture the skin while simultaneously clearing energy zones.

*Suitable for Pregnancy in 2nd and 3rd trimester *Suitable post Cancer treatment

Facial Skin Care

Reviving Glow Facial (C)*

A luxuriously reviving and hydrating facial.

Supreme Anti-ageing Facial (D)

An anti-ageing treatment to help prevent and correct the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Glow on the Go Facial (B)*

Ideal for those who want great results without the fuss. Includes an exfoliant and mask, combined with a face and eye brightening massage.

Ultimate Radiance Facial (D)*

A glow-inducing and toning facial with bespoke face and eye massage, as well as a gentle upper back massage.

Be Nurtured Facial (D)*

A relaxing treatment designed to leave the skin nourished and radiant.

Personalised Profacial (C)

Deeply cleanse, hydrate and renew to transform your complexion.

Optimal Skin Health Facial (C)

To visibly revive skin’s natural beauty, balance and health.

*Suitable for Pregnancy in 2nd and 3rd trimester *Suitable post Cancer treatment

Envelopments, Scrubs & Floats

Peace of Mind Body Envelopment (C)

Beginning with a restorative back massage to ease tension and calm nerves.

Detoxifying Body Envelopment (C)

This strongly detoxifying treatment begins with a decongesting lymphatic back massage to speed up the removal of toxins from the system.

Paraffin Hand or Foot Envelopment (A)*

An intensely nourishing treatment for hands or feet to help treat aches and stiffness.

Dry Flotation (A)*

Float without getting wet and experience a weightless sensation and sense of tranquillity.

Grayshott Classic Body Scrub (A)*

Full body exfoliation using salts and oils to soften the skin and balance the mind.

Be Nurtured Body Envelopment (D)*

Designed to nourish the body and release stress and tension.

*Suitable for Pregnancy in 2nd and 3rd trimester *Suitable post Cancer treatment


Detox Salt Bath (B)

A natural remedy for a number of ailments, with numerous health benefits.

Bliss Bath (B)

Hydrotherapy treatment with essential oils to relax, revitalise and promote a sense of well-being.

Oatmeal Bath (B)

To cleanse, moisturise and heal the skin, reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Hypnotherapy (E)*

An effective way of changing unwanted patterns of behaviour and thought processes.

Nutritional Evaluation (D)*

Consultation with the Nutritionist to discuss diet and health, and how to achieve optimum nutrition.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (E)*

A non-invasive, powerful process using the body’s energy system to achieve genuine, long lasting results.

Counselling (E)*

Improve your well-being by exploring the pattern of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to make fundamental long-term changes.

Alexander Technique (D)*

Techniques to improve posture, increase energy levels and eliminate numerous aches and pains.

Blood Analysis (C)

A sample of your blood will be sent to our London laboratory for analysis. Results of which will be available the following day. Our multidisciplinary team can then advise a strategy, what works best with your body’s design, to restore balance, improve function and help to rejuvenate your health.

*Suitable for Pregnancy in 2nd and 3rd trimester

Finishing Touches

Hand and Foot Nail Paint (A)*

Hands and feet nails are shaped, then treatment basecoat and colour applied.

Grayshott Manicure (B)*

Hands are exfoliated, cuticles treated, nail shape perfected and treatment basecoats and colour applied.

Grayshott Pedicure (B)*

Includes exfoliation, massage, masque, nails cut and shaped, cuticles treated and colour painted.

Gel Manicure (B)*

Colour that does not chip or peel, maintains a shine and lasts for much longer than traditional polish.

Gel Pedicure (B)*

Colour that does not chip or peel, maintains a shine and lasts for much longer than traditional polish.

Men’s Manicure (A)

A treatment manicure which analyses and treats each nail for its specific nail type.

Men’s Pedicure (A)

A foot and nail treatment to treat every nail type. Includes exfoliation, massage, cutting and shaping.

*Suitable for Pregnancy in 2nd and 3rd trimester

Hair Services

  • Blow Dry £30
  • Colouring/Perming (£70) from £71
  • Cut and Blow Dry from £49
  • Semi Permanent Colouring from £56
  • Wet Cut Ladies £30
  • Highlights from £97
  • Partial Highlights  £62
  • Wet Cut Men  £26
  • Perm  from £67
  • Shampoo and Set  from £30
  • Philip Kingsley Hair & Scalp Treatments from £41
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