Leisure & Fitness

Our Gym team offer fitness assessments and personal training, as well as holistic exercise classes

Golf coaching sessions are offered for all standard of golfers.

Stay Strong Body Training (B)

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. Regular strength training is essential to keeping you looking and feeling young. So whether you are looking for a kick start to get you exercising or for an efficient and effective way to jazz up your workout, this one-to-one session is a must.

Pure Stretch Training (A)

Flexibility training is perhaps the most undervalued component of conditioning. In this personal session you will use specific stretching techniques that offer immediate results in increased flexibility, range of movement and release of muscular tension. You will feel more relaxed, more limber, more balanced and more comfortable in your own body.

Body Composition Analysis (A)

To determine lean body mass and percentages of fat, bone & muscle; better indicators than weight alone.

Fitness Assessment (B)

Consists of two parts: a.Body Composition Analysis b.an assessment of muscular strength, flexibility and fitness.

Personal Training (A) (B)

One-to-one training with a qualified instructor to develop an exercise regime to suit your needs.

Swimming Lesson (B)

One to one tuition for the beginner, intermediate or more advanced swimmer.

Pilates (C)

Tones, strengthens and balance the muscle groups, helping to develop a correct posture.

Yoga (C)

Yoga is an effective form of exercise for posture, relaxation, flexibility and strength.

Tai Chi (C)

Stimulates energy in the body to relax, improve health and maintain balance.

Golf Lesson (B, C & E)

Coaching for all standard of golfers, from beginner, social golfer, club golfer, to full-time playing professionals.

Tennis Lesson £75

Tennis Coaching, either private or semi-private, for all levels at Grayshott.

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