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Our Gym team offer fitness assessments and personal training, as well as holistic exercise classes.

Please note, that throughout 2020 not all of our treatments, facilities and exercise classes will be available.  Please contact our Scheduling Team on 01428 602031 for more information.

* Indicates those suitable for pregnancy in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.


The Body Composition Analysis test determines your lean muscle mass, body fat mass, bone density and fluid distribution. Not suitable for any stage of pregnancy or anyone with a pacemaker. 25 minutes Guests staying 4 nights or more are offered a complimentary Body Composition Analysis.


Your fitness assessment comprises two parts: a. the Body Composition Analysis test to determine lean body mass and percentages of fat, bone and muscle (a far better indication than weight alone). b. we measure your blood pressure and body measurements followed by an assessment of your muscular strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. Not suitable for any stage of pregnancy. 40 minutes (Having pinpointed the areas that need extra attention, we recommend you book a personal training session to kick-start your programme. It may also be appropriate to have a nutritional consultation to consolidate this plan).


One-to-one training with a qualified instructor to develop an exercise regime to suit  your needs. The regime will be geared to developing a realistic home or gym routine or to relieve specific problem areas such as back or knee discomfort, a programme can be developed to focus on body stretching, toning, developing co-ordination and  cardio vascular fitness. The regime will be geared to developing a realistic home  routine to extend the benefits of your visit. 25 mins, 40 mins or 55 mins.

When guests book 4 personal training sessions a special price will be applied: 4 x 25 mins – £165. 4 x 40 mins – £235.  4 x 55 mins – £285.


Rebounding is a fun and energetic exercise using a mini trampoline. Bounce, kick and spin to burn body fat and improve aerobic fitness, muscular endurance, core stability and coordination. Rebounding is also kind to the joints as a rebounder absorbs 87% of impact. There are many health benefits to using the rebounder which include: lymphatic drainage, preventing or managing back pain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, lymphoedema and stress. Rebounding also strengthens the pelvic floor and immune system. Suitable for all levels of fitness. 30 mins.


Suspension training is a method of exercise that develops strength, endurance, balance, core stability and coordination. Suspension training involves using straps to generate resistance through gravity and the users body weight. It’s a whole body routine that is also a great fat burner. 30 mins.


Kickboxing is a workout based around the foundations of martial arts. Performing punching and kicking drills using gloves and pads there is also a big element of cardio and strength involved. Kickboxing is a fun and unique way to improve aerobic fitness, power, endurance, core stability and coordination to challenge you at YOUR level. You’ll develop powerful kickboxing skills and define a healthier, more confident you, in mind and body. 55 mins.


Assisted stretching is a form of static stretching in which an assisted stretcher exerts gentle force upon the limb to move it into a new position, holding it for a specific amount of time in order to lengthen and stretch the muscle fibre and tissue. Assisted stretching naturally improves flexibility and mobility. The more supple the body is, the more the body can do. Improving flexibility also helps with injury prevention when performing other forms of strenuous activities or exercise. By allowing another person to help guide the stretching, clients are able to achieve a deeper, more intense stretch and maximise their flexibility in the process. 40 mins.


Our ASA qualified teacher is available for one-to-one tuition or you can invite a friend and share the cost. 45 mins.

  • For the beginner, water confidence and learning to swim
  • Development of existing stroke technique for those who want to get the most out of their leisure and fitness time spent in the pool.
  • Training and drills for the more advanced swimmer.


Posture, toning and strength. Pilates is a system of exercise which, by toning, strengthening and balancing the muscle groups, helps to develop a correct and comfortable posture. With a good alignment of the skeleton the body shape improves and pain and tension caused by poor posture slowly fades. Private one-to-one class: 55 mins.


Posture, relaxation, flexibility and strength. Practising yoga is associated with establishing harmony, equanimity and balance. It is an effective form of exercise for posture and mobility and is suitable for all levels of fitness. Private one-to-one class: 55 mins.


Relaxation, energy and mental stimulation. Graceful movement that combines mental concentration with deep, controlled breathing. Tai Chi works by building up the energy in the body and circulating it through energy pathways, helping to remove blockages and thus improving health and maintaining balance. Regular practice brings about relaxation and good health, stimulates the energy systems and enhances mental function. Private one-to-one class: 55 mins.



Grayshott has two indoor carpet courts so tennis can be played all year round. There is also a macadam hard court outside for the summer months. Private and semi-private lessons and tennis coaching are provided by our Tennis Coach. 60 mins (individual or 2 players) – £85.



The Academy is run by Nicholas Sharratt PGA Advanced Professional, using our ninehole academy golf course and practice ground with shelter for inclement weather. The academy offers a comprehensive golf coaching program using high speed camera technology and the latest V1 golf coaching software to provide your own virtual lesson locker. The video email containing the key lesson points can be viewed on your smartphone or computer at anytime, providing invaluable feedback. Coaching sessions are offered for all standard of golfers, from beginner, social golfer, club golfer, to full-time playing professionals. We also have arrangements with well-known championship courses nearby for residents with an official club handicap. 40 mins, 55 mins or a 9 hole playing lesson - 90 mins.

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