Grayshott Spa Specialists

Grayshott’s health credentials are supported by a highly experienced and qualified team of professionals, including a Doctor, Health Consultants, Nutritionists, Dieticians and Natural Treatment Therapists

Unique to the Grayshott Health Regime, is a network of specialists that have devised the process and whose purpose is to give emotional support and advice during and after the programme.


Elaine Williams

Director of Natural Therapies

elaine williams

Elaine created the Department of Natural Therapies at Grayshott 20 years ago and continues to practice Acupuncture and Cranial Osteopathy at the Spa. Elaine studied Clinical Psychology, Osteopathy and Naturopathy also Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Further studies in Cranial Osteopathy also included Paediatric Osteopathy. Other studies included Acupuncture,

Tui-na massage, Oriental Head and Face Therapy and Face Reading. She studied Acupuncture at The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine with postgraduate studies in the Teaching Hospital and clinics in Hangzhou, China. Elaine is also qualified as a Registered Nurse.

Stephanie Moore

Clinical Nutritionist, Weight & Health Coach, Eating Disorder Counsellor

Stephanie is a qualified nutritional therapist, with a degree in Nutritional Medicine. She has a Masters degree in psychotherapy & counselling and belongs to several professional bodies, including the Royal Society of Medicine. Her interests are in the psychological and physical barriers to weight loss; adrenal fatigue and stress management; fertility issues and digestive disorders.

Adam Palmer

Executive Chef

Adam has worked in many top restaurants worldwide. He is dedicated to creating food that is delicious, healthy and nutritious, developing his techniques as Executive Head Chef at leading spas in the UK. Adam is Executive Chef at Grayshott and a consultant in the food industry; he has published several books and regularly appears on TV.

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