Digestion and proper care of the digestive system are central to well-being.

The 7 day Grayshott Health regime will set in motion an enormous difference to your health; stay 14 or 21 days and it could be life changing.

I have named Grayshott the ‘Intelligent Spa’. It has changed my lifestyle.

Sunday Times, Style magazine

The Grayshott Health plan ticks all our boxes.

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Improving your digestive function

Get your digestion in good shape and all the other systems in the body can restore, cleanse, and balance. This translates into a steady reduction in inflammation throughout the body, which improves cellular functioning, tissue healing and toxin removal.

Restoring the digestive system and getting it to function properly is often effective in addressing:

  • weight loss
  • arthritis
  • energy levels
  • blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • clarity of mind
  • sleep issues
  • appetite control
  • backache
  • skin & hair quality
  • gastric disorders

True health at Grayshott

Digestion and care of the digestive system are central to well-being and the long held belief that a healthy gut leads to a long life.

Until now, those seeking to tackle digestive disorders have mostly had to travel abroad to clinics. Grayshott’s health and maintenance programme is based on our award winning professionals’ experience combined with extensive research into the latest scientific knowledge.

Health specialists

Unique to the Grayshott Health regime is a network of specialists whose purpose is to give support and advice during and after the programme. Grayshott’s health credentials are supported by a highly experienced and qualified team of professionals, including Doctors, Consultants, Nutritionists and Natural Treatment Therapists.

Relaxation, nutrition and therapeutic treatments all contribute to helping you feel restored and ready to face the world again. You will leave with newly acquired knowledge to help you keep feeling well.

The 7 day regime includes:

  • Personal Health Consultations including blood analysis
  • One-to-one consultation with a Nutritional Therapist
  • An eating protocol that will heal and regenerate your body
  • Therapeutic abdominal massages, hydro baths and Castor Oil Compresses to support healing and detoxification
  • Support with specialist services on hand if required
  • An educational programme including lectures to explain the protocol and plan for ongoing maintenance
  • Post departure support


In advance of your arrival you will receive a call from one of our Health Consultants to discuss your stay and medical history.
When introducing healthy nutritional changes it is possible to experience some physical and/or emotional changes. Wherever possible, slow, gentle changes are preferable and less of a shock to the system. In order to allow your body to make a gentle transition into the Health regime we send you a few guidelines to follow.

Ideally you should start to make some changes about 3 weeks before your arrival by limiting your intake of certain foods and drinks, namely those containing refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol etc.

Arriving at Grayshott

Guests arrive on Wednesday as detailed schedules are organised around these days. We regret that the start day cannot be changed. Rooms are available from 2.30pm. Departure is 12.00 noon, but can be extended, subject to availability (charges will apply).

Eating protocol

All meals are tailored to take pressure off the digestion system, allowing it to rest and heal. This does not mean not eating or being deprived of food, it means not eating certain foods that require a lot of breaking down in the lining of the intestine.

You will be eating tasty, well presented meals comprising healthy, healing proteins, fats, some pulses, fruits and starchy vegetables.

Regime costs

A 7 day stay costs from £1,495 and includes consultations, monitoring and support, lectures, meals, digestive bitters, therapeutic treatments, gentle exercise programme and accommodation.

Single Standard Room Junior Suite Manor Suite
  £1,495 £1,695 £2,045 £2,245
    £1,555 £1,895 £2,035

All rates are shown per person, inclusive of VAT. Minimum age 18 years, or 16 when accompanied by an adult. Cancellations made within 48 hours of arrival, or during guests’ stay, will incur a full charge. A 7.5% charge is added to guests’ bills. This charge covers staff gratuities, supervised walks, inclusive beverages, basic WI-FI, sports equipment, entertainment.

Regime Accelerators

For those guests who would like to upgrade their regime week, or who are staying for additional weeks on the regime, we offer Regime Accelerators. These are available at preferential rates when pre-booked before arrival.

Accelerator 1

(recommended for 7 day and Regime Refresher stays)

  • Detoxifying Body Envelopment (55mins)
  • Reflexology (40mins)
  • Lymphatic stimulation (65mins)
  • Himalayan Mineral Salt Scrub (25mins)


185 minutes of treatments £199

Accelerator 2

(recommended for 14/ 21 day stays)

  • Detoxifying Body Envelopment (55mins)
  • Reflexology (40mins)
  • Lymphatic stimulation (65mins)
  • Himalayan Mineral Salt Scrub (25mins)
  • 2 x Personal Training Sessions (2 x 30mins)


245 mins of treatment) £299

Accelerator 3

(recommended for 14/ 21 day stays)

  • Detoxifying Body Envelopment (55mins)
  • Reflexology (40mins)
  • Lymphatic stimulation (65mins)
  • Himalayan Mineral Salt Scrub (25mins)
  • 3 x Personal Training Sessions (3 x 30 mins)
  • 2 x NLP/ EFT sessions (2 x 55 mins)


385 mins of treatments £499

Extending Your programme

Guests are encouraged to stay for 14 or 21 days to achieve the maximum results. If that is not possible, guests can extend their 7 day stay by daily increments. Additional nights will be quoted on request.