7 Tips for a Flatter Stomach

Quick and simple tips for a flatter stomach


No Fruit on a Full Stomach

Try not to eat fruit on a full stomach as it will ferment, create gases and cause bloating. Stewed fruits and berries after a meal are ok and the worst culprits for fermenting are the sweeter fruits like melon, mango, banana, grapes.

High Potency Probiotic

Take a broad spectrum high potency probiotic for 7 days every few months to ensure your gut bacteria are in good health. This will ensure your digestive processes work well, keeping you bowels working regularly and bloating at bay.

Excercise Ball at Work

Sit on a large ball when seated at your desk. A stability ball helps to strengthen your core muscles and lower back which will help to tighten up all your abdominal muscles.

Posture is Key

Sounds simple but standing up straight, shoulder blades dropped down and back, will change the shape of your spine. Your lower back will flatten out, pulling your tummy in.


Chew your food thoroughly, especially raw veggies, which are tough on the digestion and can cause indigestion if not chewed really well.

Don’t get too carried away doing stomach crunches / sit ups

There are a lot of different muscles in the stomach. Crunches work your ‘6 pack’ muscles but these are only the superficial muscles on the surface. Too many crunches will shorten and bulk these muscles up, making your abdomen protrude rather than giving you a nice slim profile. Deeper abdominal muscles and your oblique muscles at the side of your waist will give you a much better shape so do core strengthening exercises like the plank and the side plank rather than just crunches.

Eat Bitter and Sour Foods

Eat bitter and sour foods like chicory, broccoli, cabbage, sauerkraut, pickles, natural yogurt, sour dough bread. These foods stimulate production of gastric juices and enhance overall digestion, which will prevent foods stagnating in the gut and gases building up.

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