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I spent a week on The Mayr Fasting Programme at Grayshott and this is what happened…

"I approached the Mayr Fasting Programme at Grayshott with a mixture of uncertainty, excitement and dread! Here's how it transformed my understanding of the power of detox."


“After the excess of Christmas and a year of overeating, I approached the Mayr Fasting Programme at Grayshott with a mixture of uncertainty, excitement and dread! Excitement that I had an opportunity to stop the overindulgence and re-set my body by eating less in a controlled way, surrounded by a registered doctor and health consultants in a blissful, relaxing retreat. Uncertainty because I still wasn’t fully sure of what to expect and whether it would truly work, along with dread because I had anticipated that the effects of the detox would be severe.

What surprised me most by the end of the week was, in fact, the distinct lack of the expected relentless detox symptoms such as headaches, lethargy, nausea etc and the fact that, despite my expectations, I hadn’t felt hungry all the time like I had predicted. Throughout the 8-day programme, there was only one day where I felt these side-effects; (Wednesday) Day 2 was spent mainly in bed with a headache, little energy and feeling a little nauseous. I didn’t make it down for dinner, so the broth was kindly brought to my room where I spent a much-needed day just fully resting and recovering. This makes sense when I think about the small number of calories I was consuming during the week.

For the rest of the seven days, I felt like my normal self, enjoying the tranquillity of my surroundings whilst on my Mayr detox journey. Whilst part of the Mayr Fasting Programme at Grayshott means that you are very much encouraged to spend time on your own, I even found that the more time I was pushed to spend alone the more I actually wanted to and eventually thoroughly enjoyed the time I had by myself. I felt that it allowed me to experience the full effects of the Mayr Fasting Programme detox and relished the hours to re-set and think.

That said, your days are scheduled and there are set times during the day for certain things -I liked this familiarity of the routine. Days consisted of waking up in the morning and drinking a glass of Epsom salts which is what helps with the process of fully cleansing your body. Throughout the Programme, you must also take an acid base capsule every morning and evening, to help balance your PH levels during the fast. The Grayshott doctor also recommended the daily use of a warm abdominal wrap to be applied for around 20 minutes at midday before lunch or during the evening before going to sleep. This, along with the abdominal massages that I received from Dr Levine, is where I really felt the internal movement from the intense process. Some days also consisted of treatments at the Spa; during my stay I had 2 Castor Oil Compresses, 2 Classic Massages and a Body Brush Technique, all of which were excellent.

Throughout this Mayr Detox Programme I have not only felt the physical benefits on my body, but I can also genuinely say that I have learned so much too; From the very first day where we had the very informative Mayr presentation that tells you all about the history of Mayr and the pillars of the Mayr protocol, to the sessions with Dr Levine. The Body Composition and Fitness Test by Charlotte were also excellent and were very informative and interesting sessions.

The Mayr Fasting Programme was essentially a week of detox and fasting where I was trained to chew, reduce my food intake whilst cleansing my digestion system and de-stress, along with a whole lot of resting. Thanks to both Dr Levine’s guidance and overall Programme, I can honestly say that the week on the Mayr Fasting programme at Grayshott Health Spa has allowed me to gain knowledge and an insight into understanding the importance of detox. It has also raised my awareness regarding the power of nutrition for both your body and mind.”

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