Morning Tips for Beauty Health

Simple and effective tips to start your morning off on the right now, and throughout the day.

  1. What kind of health/wellbeing morning ritual would you recommend for cleansing and detoxing?

Use a tongue scraper first thing before cleaning your teeth. It helps to clear undesirable bacteria that build up on the tongue overnight, especially if there is a high level of unhealthy bacteria in the stomach. A toothbrush may help to clean the tongue but equally may just redistribute bacteria onto the gums and teeth.

Dry skin brushing is a useful start to the day and could precede your shower. It stimulates the lymphatic, circulatory and digestive system and so has a fantastic tonic effect on the whole body, enhancing the rate of detoxification.

Precede breakfast with some digestive herbal bitters. They help to regulate stomach acidity which has a knock on effect throughout the rest of the digestive system, enhancing the body’s ability to provide digestive enzymes.

Start the day with a large glass of warm water. It rehydrates the bowel and enhances its functioning. It also assists your skin in achieving that healthy glow.

  1. What wind- down bedtime regime tips would you recommend – tea, drinks, oils, massage, etc.

Stay away from the computer for at least an hour before retiring for sleep. It has a stimulatory effect on the brain which makes it more difficult for the brain to switch off.

Reading is preferable to watching TV for the half hour preceding bedtime. The oscillation of the TV screen again affects the brain in a way that it becomes more difficult for it to relax.

If you have difficulty falling asleep try alternating hot and cold footbaths. Place feet in a bowl of warm water for 4mins followed by a bowl of cold water for 30secs. Or, even easier, use a shower spray to spray them with cold water. Then repeat the process once more.

A few drop of lavender essential oil on a pillow or in a burner, used before sleep, has been found to enhance the quality of sleep and also to help you drop off.

Replace caffeinated drinks with herbal tea. Chamomile is particularly good for inducing sleep.

Another great sleep aid is the herbal remedy Californian Poppy. 20 drops in water before bed acts as a sleeping draught.

  1. What kind of beauty regime would you recommend for the weekend?

If you have a little extra pampering time at the weekend, now is the time to give yourself a body scrub and a facial scrub. It will remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling soft and glowing. Enhance this by massaging your favourite moisturiser into your skin following the scrub. Once a week is usually enough for body scrubbing otherwise it may be too abrasive for the skin, particularly on the face.

You could also use a little of that extra spare time at the weekend to prepare a glass of vegetable juice. Has even more benefits than just drinking water as all those electrolytes mean that your cells will really take up the water content as well as all the extra freely available vitamins and minerals. You could enhance it even further with a dash of your herbal bitters.

Finally never underestimate the pick me up effect from a home manicure and pedicure and the results can be enjoyed for at least the following week.

  1. Is it easy for anyone to incorporate spa rituals into their everyday life? What little steps make the biggest difference

The little steps that make the biggest difference are the ones that are quick and easy to incorporate into daily habits.

No 1 for me is always DRINK ENOUGH WATER; after 3 or 4 days of hydrating the body you can notice lines on the face visibly shrinking as the skin rehydrates and the cells plump up with water.

Get enough sleep. Never underestimate the power of sleep. It is essential for repair, for memory and concentration and for healthy glowing skin. Lack of sleep leads to a host of health problems and exacerbates dark circles under the eyes. If you think that you are getting enough sleep and still wake exhausted and crave sleep during the day, try using one of the free sleep apps. They can indicate if your sleep is disturbed unbeknown to you by conditions such as sleep apnoea.

Shape your eyebrows. This can give you an instant eye lift and take years of you. Make it part of your grooming routine once a week or once every two weeks.

Focus on breathing. Pause once or twice a day to concentrate on exhaling. Many people change their breathing pattern and hang on to their breath when busy or stressed. Force that stale air out of your lungs. The inbreath will take care of itself, just guide it down to the abdomen as if you are trying to inflate a balloon below your umbilicus.

At the end of a busy never underestimate the power of essential oils dropped into a warm bath ( I love Aromatherapy Associates pre blended oils, there is a whole range to choose from to suit every need). At least once a week finish your bath by rubbing your feet with a pumice stone to keep them nice and soft..

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