Avoid Product Build Up With These Simple Tips

Simple and effective tips to start your morning off on the right now, and throughout the day...


Using products on your skin is great; using the correct ones for your skin type is even better!

However over use of products could lead to a build up of oils in the skin, which can result in dullness and congestion.

It’s really important to use just the right amount of eye cream – about the size of a grain of rice for each eye. Apply it in a patting motion with your ring finger until it has nicely absorbed. Don’t apply the cream too close to the eye – onto the eye bone is just right. If the cream is applied too high up it can result in puffiness and milia – those white bumps under the skin.

Using just one serum or step 2 at a time is probably the best way to go. Any more and it could add to dryness or oiliness, depending on which you are actually trying to combat.

Regularly exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin. It increases cellular renewal, which makes the skin look brighter and also sloughs away all of the dead skin cells, including product build up in the pores of the skin resulting in fresh, clean-feeling skin.

If you have a particular concern with the skin, it can be really tempting to use everything under the sun to help it. This could have the opposite effect on the skin and result in the condition becoming worse.

Experiencing different products until you find the ones that suit you would be the way to go, whether that is through having a regular facial or using samples that are recommended to you.

If no products seem to be working, I recommend my clients to have some acupuncture as the issue may be internal, rather than a problem with the skin.

      • Pollution creates a natural build up so do you need a different cream when you are in the city to when you are in the country or at the coast

Living in the city certainly has a different effect on the skin to living in the country. When in the city an anti-oxidant based skincare routine would be a great benefit, as this would help to break up the free radicals thrown out by pollution and general city-living.

A person living and working in the city is also more likely to experience congestion therefore a detoxifying mask used a couple of times a week after exfoliating may be beneficial.

The effects of country living would most likely mean that a drier skin type would be experienced, especially if a lot of time is spent outdoors. This would mean a richer cream would be more beneficial – particularly in the winter. In either situation, an SPF of 30 should always be worn as whenever you can see a shadow on the ground,  the damaging rays of the sun are getting through.

      • Is a standardised cleansing regime really necessary or should you listen to your skins needs and changes and amend your routine as and when you deem fit?

Your skin will go through many changes in your lifetime that will require adaptations to your skincare regime. You should absolutely listen to your skin and change as needed.

As you start to get older your skin will most likely start to dry out, so using an oil-free moisturiser that you used as a teenager would be counterproductive. Likewise during pregnancy or other hormone disrupting times your skin will require different products to maintain its normalcy.

      • Are there any definite ‘no go’s’ with certain creams and skin types eg 100% do not use an oil based cleanser for oily skin or can oil and oil be good for oily skin types.

There are no precise rules when it comes to skincare, what works for one may not work for another. An oil based cleanser can sometimes respond really well on a oily skin type as drying this type of skin out too much can sometimes trigger the sebum glands to work harder and produce more oil, resulting in even  more shine and clogged pores. However a dry skin is unlikely to respond well to oil-free products and would leave the client feeling more tight and uncomfortable in the face.



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