Our New Medical Clinic and GP Services

Our gut microbiome is a hot topic these days, as scientists and experts agree its composition is crucial to good health. This is old news to our team of experts at Grayshott who over 6 years ago recognised that good nutrition and exercise combined with an ongoing appreciation of the role the gut plays in keeping balance in the mind and body was the winning formula to optimum health.

Our pioneering 7 day Gut Health Regime launched at a time when talking about the gut and the digestive tract was ‘not the thing to do!’ Now every form of media is tackling the subject of the gut brain axis and the millions of bacteria that determine the state of our health.

It is believed that 95 % of serotonin, the happy hormone, is produced in the gut too so it’s not just physical health but our overall wellbeing that benefits when we get the balance right.

With the Grayshott Spa Gut Health Regime now firmly established as the leading UK retreat to aid digestion and alleviate issues caused by the digestive system,  and with bookings taken 50 weeks of the year with outstanding results for thousands of guests, we are now able to develop our approach to holistic health and wellbeing even further.

Over the course of this year we have applied and successfully achieved our CQC accreditation allowing us to open another side to our long established health spa business – Grayshott Medical Spa. Our Clinic at the Medical Spa will be in addition to our longstanding Spa business which will continue to  offer day guests and overnight guests the opportunity to select from a wide range of restorative as well as pampering treatments and therapies.

The Clinic will be led by Dr Ursula Levine, Medical Director at Grayshott Medical Spa who is also qualified as a General Practitioner, a registered CQC Manager, a certified FX Mayr Doctor, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and has a 2019 master’s degree in public health. Under her direction and our team of long established health care consultants, we will now be able to offer guests a range of additional treatments and therapies to further enhance wellbeing and health.

The Medical Clinic at Grayshott Spa will, with immediate effect, offer traditional private GP services such as Medical consultations, blood testing and analysis, urine tests and swabs, prescription medicine, vitamin infusions as well as specialised treatments and therapies such as Trauma Therapy, Heart Rate Variability, Traditional Chinese Medicine,  HeartMath®, counselling and acupuncture.

Many of us are affected by stress, trauma, anxiety in our daily lives, yet we do not necessarily know who best to talk too or how to seek help. Grayshott Medical Spa offers a welcoming safe haven for anyone in need of building resilience or learning tools to manage the stress and trauma of life.

“HeartMath will help you to transform your stress into resilience, to achieve higher levels of performance and to live your life with more heart, health and happiness.”

We will soon also launch a Mayr programme alongside our Gut Health Regime for those searching for an alternative approach to digestive health.

“During the early 20th century, Franz Xavier Mayr developed the Mayr Cure in Austria. At this time, the Mayr principles conveyed a unique approach to prevent illness and health-related issues, based on the premise that a healthy gut will lead to improved overall health”

Key facts

  • Our Clinic hours are Monday – Saturday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Dr Levine is our private GP
  • We now offer traditional GP services
  • We have extended our treatments & therapies to include Traditional Chinese Medicine, trauma counselling, doctor led acupuncture, vitamin infusions, blood testing and analysis
  • Anyone wishing to become a patient of The Clinic will need to register – call Reservations for an immediate enquiry 01428602020
  • Guests of Grayshott Health Spa can also use the Clinic services – appointments must be taken in advance of your visit or stay with us
  • Grayshott Health Spa has now developed int Grayshott Medical Spa with a CQC registration and a qualified doctor
  • The Mayr protocol will be introduced Autumn 2019 to run alongside our Gut Health Regime

We are evolving, developing ,and adding new treatments, programmes and services to satisfy the health needs of our UK and International guests – whilst at the same time remaining true to our heritage, reputation and charm.

We have just launched a new treatments brochure with our newly-branded Medical Clinic and our website has launched a dedicated section to the Medical Clinic too, where you can find further information https://www.grayshottspa.com/the-medical-clinic/.

Our Reservations team on 01428602020 are also on hand to answer your questions and put you through to someone in the medical team who can help.

Enquire now online or call 01428 602020

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