7 Day Health Regime Stay

7 Day Health Regime Stay



Grayshott awarded ‘England’s Best Wellness Retreat’  *

Understanding the delicate, complex, microscopic processes of the digestive system is central to the Grayshott Health regime.

The 10 principles of the plan:

  1. Although it’s still a science in its infancy, we know that digestive health is dependent on healthy gut bacteria, with as much as 85% of immunity affected by it. Creating healthy gut flora is at the heart of the Plan.
  2. Eating fermented foods regularly is integral to sustaining healthy gut bacteria. The Plan focuses on fermented vegetables, which are packed with healthy probiotics and prebiotics (non-digestable fibre)
  3. On the Plan, we eliminate grains, most pulses and some vegetables, depending on their molecular structure and how they are physiologically broken down. This is why dairy is omitted – the lactose molecule is too complex for a resting digestive system.
  4. We encourage you to eat healthy fats every day for nourishment and their anti-inflammatory properties. 
  5. Good-quality protein is essential to each meal, with animal proteins preferable to vegetable ones, as they are easier for the body to break down and utilize.
  6. Meats should preferably be from organic, grass-fed livestock which is high in anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids and less likely to contain antibiotics that are detrimental to beneficial micro-organisms in the gut.
  7. Fruit and vegetables should be organic where possible to avoid the antibacterial sprays and pesticides that are so harmful to the gut. 
  8. Always blanch vegetables for eating in salads. The blanching partially deconstructs the cellulose structure and makes it easier for the gut o extract the nutrients. 
  9. Ensure that all the permitted nits, seeds and pulses are soaked for 24 hours prior to cooking. This eliminates enzyme inhibitors that can weaken the digestive function. 
  10. Avoid alcohol while you are on the Plan as this is an anti-inflammatory programme and alcohol affects inflammatoin in the same way that pouring petrol onto flames affects a fire.

There are many factors that disrupt the delicate balance of a healthy gut, notably exposure to medications especially antibiotics, steroids, pain killers and anti-inflammatories; animal food products from intensively reared animals which contain hormones and antibiotics; continued levels of stress and, ultimately, the condition of the gut flora inherited at birth. All of these factors determine your ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food, the strength of your immune system, the health of your liver and the balance of your hormones. When these systems are out of balance, health, weight, sleep and energy issues are inevitable.

The Grayshott Health regime employs a gentle yet highly effective protocol that addresses restoring health from the very core of true health creation.

So why not lose weight and restore yourself to optimum health with our award-winning  7 Day Health Regime

7 nights with accommodation, meals, Health, Nutritional & Fitness consultations, spa treatments & educational talks.  

All-inclusive from £1,950 (inc. of VAT and £550 worth of Consultations & Therapies)

*World Spa Awards 2017